LA-MA-0178 - 100 x Marine Boat Moisture Resistant Compact Gel Connectors
LA-MA-0178 - 100 x Marine Boat Moisture Resistant Compact Gel Connectors
  • Model: LA-MA-0178
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  • Manufactured by: LEDadvantage

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Innovation strike again! Fresh from LEDADVANTAGE's line of marine accessories is their moisture resistant compact butt sealant connectors.

Suitable for use on marine & caravan applications. Forget about using time consuming methods including heat shrink, these connectors make connecting wires time and cost effective.

Simple to use: Use one separate connector for positive and another separate connector for negative. Insert the positive from the power source into one side of the connector, and the positive of the led light source into the other side of the connector and lock in using pliers or a crimp tool, when locking/pushing the cap down, you will notice the sealant inside coat the wires (this sealant is not glue and will not harden, it's simply there to coat the connection to expel moisture and prevent the connection from corrosion). Get another connector and do the same for the negative.

Hint: Ensure the wires are pushed in all the way before crimping the connection. 

Quick Product Specs:

  • - 100% Brand New product
  • - Sold as a Box of 100 units
  • - May come in Yellow or Orange or mixed, pre-packed.
  • - Compact (Mini) butt connectors
  • - Polycarbonate housing with sealant to protect against corrosion and seal out moisture
  • - Sealant is released into the connector once the cap is pushed down using a crimp tool or pliers.
  • - A simple process in pushing down the yellow cap displaces the insulation and grasps all conductors with a firm, resilient pressure, all in one motion.
  • - Keeps the splicing bundle to a minimum, clean mini/compact connectors.
  • - These should NOT be used for underwater connections.

Model: LA-MA-0178 (100 units)
Material Description: Polycarbonate (Clear Body, Yellow Cap)
Installation: Butt Connector (Sealant filled)
Wire Size: 22-26 AWG (0.7-0.4mm)
Dimensions: 12mm (L) x 9mm (W) x 8mm (H)

100 x Marine Boat Moisture Resistant Compact (Mini) Splice Crimp Butt Sealant Connectors

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